Alternator Wiring Question

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Alternator Wiring Question

Post by MaineVette » Sep 30th, 2016 9:28 pm

Hey guys, looking for a sanity check before getting too deep into this...

I bought a new one wire capable 100 amp alternator and need to wire it in ( Obviously the original alternator had several additional wires, most of which seem to be no longer necessary. I'm thinking the easiest way to deal with this will be to run a separate wire directly from the alternator to the starter terminal which is where everything else seems to connect together.

Based on guidance from Powermaster it looks like I'd need to run an 8 gauge wire from the alternator to the starter terminal.

Does this make sense? Any downsides of not using the original wiring system? It seems to me the new alternator would just burn up the original charge wire if I used it. Thoughts?
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