Common Torque Values

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Common Torque Values

Post by MaineVette » Aug 28th, 2014 9:41 pm

Based on Vito's suggestion I'm creating this sticky to serve as a reference for torque values. When posting be sure to include what years the torque values apply to.

Here are a few values provided by Vito in another thread. These are for the 1971 model year:

Caliper Mounting Bolts, 70

T-Arm Front (toe-in shims) 50+
Spring Retainer (to rear end)(Steel Spring) 70
U-Joint (inner) U-bolts 15
U-Joint (outer) flange bolts 75
Strut Rod (inner) camber bolt 70
Strut Rod (outer) shock mount 75+
Shock Absorber (upper) bolt 60
Shock Absorber (lower) nut 40
Bearing Housing to T-Arm 30
Spindle Nut 100+

Upper A-Frame bushing bolt 35
Upper A-Frame align. Shim nut 50
Lower A-Frame Front Mtg. Bolts 60 - 80
Lower A-Frame Rear Mounting 75 - 110
Steering Arm to spindle (2 bolts) 70
Caliper mounting bracket to Splash plate to spindle (top bolt) 120?
Ball Joint (upper) 45+
Ball Joint (lower) 75+
Ball Joint 5/16-18 bolts, (Grade 5) 17

Front Bracket (to frame) 65
Front Bracket (to housing) 50+
Strut Rod Bracket Bolts 35
Rear Cover Bolts 50
Filler Plug 20
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