'65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

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Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Post by rbryce1 » Apr 30th, 2022 1:55 pm

Well, the engine and transmission are in, sort of! I can't believe how filthy the car was, but it has been sitting for quite a while under a car cover in a carport. Lots to clean, but that is doable.

So, what do I mean by sort of, the throw out bearing didn't fit. Either I have the incorrect clutch fork ball or the wrong throw-out bearing. :mad:

Could not find a long throw-out bearing locally, so in went the engine and transmission without the bearing. :bang:

Not that big a deal, the main goal was to get the engine installed so I can get the car to Charleston and I can get the body work done. The engine needed to be there so they were sure the hood would work. Once it comes back, it's no more than a throw-out bearing replacement job. Raise the car, pull the transmission, install the correct throw-out bearing, and put it back together. 2-3 hours tops. But at least it is ready for the trip, which was the goal. :cheers:

We leave in 3 weeks, which gives me time to do some work and clean it up before the trip. :hammer: :Hurray: :thumbs:
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