71 Sees Daylight After 21 Years!

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Tell us about your Corvette: 1971 Coupe that's been in the family since new. Was "stored" in a shed in New England for 22 years. Even though I have limited knowledge and experience, I'm SLOWLY doing a body off restoration. Standby for many questions!
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Re: 71 Sees Daylight After 21 Years!

Post by nwav8tor » Jun 14th, 2021 1:11 am

MaineVette wrote:
Jun 13th, 2021 9:38 am
Looks great. I agree that cradle is pretty nice, I can tell lots of work went into that.

Gary up in CT is pretty awesome, he did my trailing arms. I ended up calling him before sending my stuff out and he walked me through the entire process of rebuilding them and even sent some photos of the rebuild for use on my website.

I feel your pain of competing projects. I'm in the same boat. Hoping to get back into mine this summer.
Good to see you back Tim! Hope you can find some Corvette Time also...