Golden Cadmium Paint

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Golden Cadmium Paint

Post by jpkc97 »

Hey there...been following your site for a while. I think you're doing a great job on this one and can't wait until it's done. But, I suppose the journey is more than half the fun, eh?
I was browsing through your pics and saw the section where you restored the headlight assemblies. I know it's a little late now, but at least you haven't reinstalled them yet...

I was wondering if you've checked out Eastwood Supplies for restoration supplies. One thing they have that would have helped you is a paint system to "restore" cad plated items, like your headlight vacuum actuators and the like. They even have a short video on there. I found this back when I used to have a Triumph Spitfire that I restored and it had the same finish on the door strikers. You may want to check them out at:

Meanwhile, I'll continue to live vicariously through your project :)
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Re: Golden Cadmium Paint

Post by MaineVette »

You know, I actually did research that material and considered using it to touch-up the actuators. I did a bit of reserach online and heard very mixed results on the finished appearance. At the tiem I thought it was a bigger gamble price-wise than I wanted to take. I suppose if the actuators were more visible I would have considered it more strongly.

Have you tried it, or have you seen the product used before? Based on the video it looks like it achieves pretty good results, but I'd like to see the results in person before paying $50 plus shipping. I'm going to run into this eventually with a few other items (e.g. windshield wiper door actuator) so maybe I'll end up trying it there... Either that or buy a new actuator!
Someday I'll finally be able to drive my Vette, but for now I'll just admire all the pieces... :willy:

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