air lines

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Re: air lines

Post by nomadhermet » May 30th, 2012 3:31 pm

RB Thanks for the responce. My shop is 28x36 equal to a 3 car garage. The compressor(60 gal 5hp) is out side, inside what resembles a water closet attached to the shop. A rubber aair line enters the shop in this corner and is 1/2 in.The line goes to a wall mounted filter/reg where i connect air lines for the shop via the floor. rapid air offers 100 foot 3/4in or 1/2 in kits. The line from compressor to reg is 1/2 in i dont see where 3/4in kit would help downstream from the 1/2 in line,any thought. I may be making this harded than need be, but i hate finishing a project wishing i had done it differently. Thanks again.