Evercoat Vette panel adhesive

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Evercoat Vette panel adhesive

Post by beekppr » Apr 28th, 2012 11:34 pm

Has anyone tried using Evercoat Vette Panel Adhesive? I was originally going to use another product but settled on this to bond panels since it is designed for this and seems very widely used.

I used it today and was really disappointed. It is very runny and drips everywhere while you're trying to work. I was trying to build up a layer so it would squish out nicely as I clamped the bonding strip in place. That didn't work out at all. Plus, the working time is very short, way too short unless you have lots of experience. We're talking less than 10 minutes if you're lucky. And I am reasonably sure I did not use too much hardener. Maybe I should have tried it before the day warmed up. Not sure if 60 degrees will be much better than the 80 degrees like it was today.

While my strip is in place now, I am concerned about air gaps here and there. No matter what I use to bond the tail light panel on, I am going to try to force extra adhesive into the edges as best I can. I am so glad I only bought a quart of this. I am actually thinking of tossing it and using a different product.