Welding equipment

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Welding equipment

Post by MaineVette » Nov 1st, 2009 7:57 pm

Hi All,

I'm often asked about my welding experience and the equipment I use on my restoration project.

Regarding my experience, I don't have any formal training when it comes to welding. I'm simply self taught through iternet research and lots of practice with pieces of scrap steel. I'm still no pro by any means, but I know enough to get by.

As for my equipment, for this project I decided to purchase a MIG welder. Most of my previous welding experience was with an ARC welder, but that process is a bit 'rough' for much of the work I anticipated on this project. Although ARC welders are cheaper than MIG welders, they don't handle thinner gauge metal components nearly as well as MIG welders.

So, after doing my share of research, I ended up purchasing a Hobart Handler 180 welder as a refurbished unit on E-Bay. I decided on this unit for a few reasons. First off, the refurbished unit came at a good price and a manufacturers warranty. Seconly, this is a 240 volt unit. Because of this, the unit is capable of putting out higher amperages and, therefore, welding thicker pieces of steel (up to 5/16"). Although I didn't expect to have to weld 5/16" thick steel pieces on this project, I wanted to have that option in the future for other non-Corvette related projects. And lastly, this model is capable of welding with either flux-cored or solid-cored wire with shielding gas.

To date, all of my welding on this project has been using solid-core wire with C25 shielding gas. Although flux cored welding would be perfectly adequate, I prefer using shielding gas since it yields much cleaner welds, virtually eliminates the need to clean your welds (no slag is generated), and ultimately increases your productivity. :thumbs:
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