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Island Life

Post by vito » Jul 22nd, 2022 10:00 pm

Well hello everyone. Yup I am still alive and had a family covid experience.

Island life during these time was, well chit. Island life took a dramatic turn.

No tourism for two weeks plus 2-1/2 years. Great for driving but many companies went out of business.

International travel stopped 5 Feb 2020. Domestic travel stopped shortly there after.

School schedule went every way the gov could think of. Sucks for parents with children.

Not much food shortages here in the village. Cooking oil is definitely an issue. The Base commissaries are experiences shortages of consumables of many things.

A lot of the city folks and off island (mainland) people buying our village farmland and building apartments and building homes. Is 10 years they will wonder why there is not much local veggies. Sorry we get the local food locally.

Work on the car? Sorry been busy growing our own veggies.

So much for lock down for flattening the curve. After 2-1/2 years we went into restrictions again yesterday.