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Auto A/C Help

Post by vito » Jul 27th, 2016 7:26 pm

Not required.

I took my daughter's car in because the A/C isn't working right. So I brought the car to a repair shop. I told the service manger what I thought was wrong.

symptoms. Car A/C kicks ass for 20 minutes then stops.

Service manager calls and says the compressors is bad, I have a refrigerant leak and the lines are dirty.

I told the wife, BS, BS, and BS.

1. bad comp. a compressor is a pump. can't suck you can blow. so no cooling.
2. Gas leak. no gas no cooling. Not only this but the expansion needs a pressures differential. No differential, valve closes. no cooling.
3. dirty lines on an open type compressor :crazy:

I had cooling at first start up and for 20 minutes.

So any guesses what us wrong? :D

Japan is in dire need of a few good A/C service technicians :leaving: