Hi from the MS Gulf Coast Home of "Cruzin' the Coast"

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Tell us about your Corvette: 2020 Stingray Z51 Coupe LT3 1600 MILES
1966 Stingray 327/350 82000 MILES

Hi from the MS Gulf Coast Home of "Cruzin' the Coast"

Post by GM TECH » Feb 19th, 2021 10:45 pm

My garage holds a 2020 Coupe Z51 LT3 #176 down the Bowling Green assy line before the UAW strike. It's little brother is a daily driver 1966 Coupe 327/350 under my tinker to keep her going.

Here's my Vette addiction history:

1958 Attended General Motors Institute of Technology (GM TECH then, Kettering Institute now) while Zora was trying to sell mid engines concept.

Year of ownership/model year/description
1967 1957 fuelie wide body autocross special, High performance crate 327ci topped with a 1965 Fuel injection setup. FI units were being thrown away to make room for big carbs. Bought my complete setup for $120.00. Still couldn't beat the damn 289 Cobras, but had fun trying.
1980 1972 454hp TH400 Convertible refreshed and then sold.
1983 1974 L82 convertible modified with 1982 front and rear clips and silver Collector's Edition interior. This is what the 1982 convert would have looked like if there had been one.
1985 1986 coupe first new Vette for me.
1985 1979 L82 coupe for the wife (helped me get the 1986 :D )
2013 2013 Grand Sport coupe Second new Vette
2019 2019 ZR1 Coupe LT3 big wing - someone wanted it more than I did so it was sold.
2020 2020 Stingray coupe Big wing Z51 LT3 #176 from BG before the UAW and COVID.
2020 1965 Stingray convertible - big mistake eBay trash valuable but expensive lesson
2020 1965 Stingray Coupe Knock off's factory side pipes AC PS PB TH350

Yup, except for the 1957 racer, the rest are all slush-o-matics except the 2020 DCT (no slush here).
Lost the use of my clutch leg complements of the Far East.

All ready found a number of helpful threads here that saved me time and money. Thanks to the posters and thread responders. :thumbs:

Cheers - Boyd
Major USAF