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I wanted a council from You

Posted: Feb 2nd, 2010 5:18 pm
by Sampey
They are already owner of a Z06… that sometimes problems have created me :bang:

Fortunately only a banal cardboard that has obstructed the butterfly dell' airbox….therefore the satisfactions that I take myself with porsche, ferrari, lamborghini.. continue :Hurray:

Now we come to the important question: for a long time I am trying a C3 in discreet state to restore personally like our mythical Tim. In Italy they can themselves be found much C3 with the small block restored and not, with prices many beloveds and many doubts on the good restoration, for this personally I want to make the restoration, considering that the reciprocations them I can calmly have from the USA or also from the Germany.

I have passed entire nights to try C3 in sites Americans, finding of all and more… The site that to more has interested me

It has much choice and various prices that have put me in light difficulty. .per this I would want to ask a council on a good honest vendor who can sell a C3 to me 1969/70/71 with great block 454 or to limit 427 but I prefer the 454 for the possibility to give many horses

And clearly that these are my appraisals and will be happy for feeling your councils also on the type of better motor and other…

Thanks for your eventual councils!

Excused my English orribile which had to my old memories of school and to the translator :bang:

Re: I wanted a council from You

Posted: Feb 11th, 2010 10:55 pm
by MaineVette
Hey again!

Well, yes, your english is a bit rough but it sounds like you're trying to find a Corvette here in the US that you can purchase and that you prefer to buy one from a reputable seller so you know what your getting is a good car for a good deal.

Unfortunately I can't vouch for any specialty Corvette vendors here in the US - I just haven't dealt with any of them and don't recall hearing anything about specific vendors. Perhaps someone else will be able to chime in and offer their thoughts.

Anyone have any good references or suggestions?