seek corvette C3 1972!!!!

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seek corvette C3 1972!!!!

Post by delgal » Nov 13th, 2009 2:39 pm


according to the councils of Tim, I should sell my corvette 76 and find a corvette of 72 to restore!!!!

but the concern is: where to seek!!!!??? I am of Belgium and in Europe it of with step to be sold much there here!!!!!!!

thus I must try to import one of the USA of them….

the problem that I arise to look at because I know only e-bay!!!! you would have others addresses or of site….

and how much money must I put + of 5000$ or - of 5000$ because here what I would wish to do like project:


I know that is not used for nothing to put much money in a model which I wish to restore but sincerely I do not know how much money must I put!!!!!!

moreover my project will be over one period of maximum 5 years because I know that costs much money to make return from the US parts towards Belgium approximately the double!!!

in advance I thank you for your council