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Tell us about your Corvette: 69 Corvette 3rd owner and in the process of a body off restoration. thanks to this site have the body off, front clip and firewall off and working on teh birdcage - dont we all


Post by 69_in_process » Oct 28th, 2014 10:10 pm

My name is Brad and I am knee deep into a body off restoration of a 69 vette. Purchased it last year from a family member who purchased it from the original owner. Initially was going to simply "clean up" and paint, but quickly found out she was a victom of the disease we all know about bird cage itus. Today the body is off, along with the front clip and firewall (I couldnt have done it without you BTW - Thanks.) and I am working on the lower corners of the winshield frame. LIke you I couldnt find 69 corners of the frame so I purchased a new set of 72's and am in the process of the same mods you did.

WIfe is mad because of the mess in the garage, but having a blast and learning a ton!