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Tell us about your Corvette: 1981 C3 Corvette, in better condition than when I got it, but that's not saying much.
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Post by Saber_Mike » Aug 28th, 2017 3:51 pm

Hi all, I am an some what new to Corvettes and bought one based purely on the fact that it looked like the one my Grandfather bought when he retired from the Navy. Clearly I checked the important stuff, it started and had an amazing tone to the exhaust. I did talk the guy down to what I think was an amazing price and at the time I should have wondered how I so easily got him down to almost half his asking price. ^_^ My simple inspection I had thought a bit of fiber class work (I used to do fiberglass boats manufacturing and repair professionally) and new carpets. Be my daily driver in three months :scrazy: hahaha well it has been a year and I am having an amazing time working on the car with my daughters but I sure would like to find more knowledgeable people near me that like turning wenches for beer and burgers. There is a Corvette club in Richmond but they are a strict bunch. You can't join until you attend an even of theirs and they don't do that many and none as of yet work with my heavy schedule. So hey if any one here is in central VA lets chat!

I do have to share as I was so amazed at my stupidity, excitement when purchasing is a horrible thing (wife wont even let me near auctions or yard sales). The amazing exhaust tone was because the entire exhaust from 4 inches past the cat was just gone. The smog pump was also gone but all the pluming was still there, oh and the front passenger side exhaust header wasn't bolted down at the front, found out this was because a run off bolt is in the hole.

This and much more has made it a difficult project but I am very happy to save a car that was surly headed to the junk yard soon. Really it has little to no rust and what it did have I have already taken care of. The interior was closer to a mushroom farm and is now completely out but that's ok because it was blue and I am installing black. Additionally every bushing in the car if still there has long turned to powder. Just a few things but boy it has been fun and my daughters, the "Corvette Sisters" as they call themselves love it.