Man I hate loosing stuff!

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Man I hate loosing stuff!

Post by MaineVette » Oct 30th, 2016 9:35 pm

The title just about says it all - I really hate loosing stuff! I spent about 2 hours in the garage and attic today hunting high and low for my master cylinder push rod - this guy:


I know it's around somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find it. :mad: I finally gave up and decided to just buy a replacement. But, as it turns out, they don't appear to sell this piece separately. You need to buy the entire power brake booster. I found one on ebay but they want $25 plus $8 for shipping. :rolleyes: There are some other gaskets and seals I need to buy from a parts place anyway so when I end up making that separate order I'll get nailed for shipping again. What a pain.

End rant. LOL

On the bright side, one I have the brakes straightened out my car will officially be driveable again! :Hurray:
Someday I'll finally be able to drive my Vette, but for now I'll just admire all the pieces... :willy:

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