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Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Oct 20th, 2018 10:07 pm
by MaineVette
Hey Bob,

I've been MIA around here lately - super busy summer - but it's nice to see you've been making progress. Sounds like tropical storms haven't been your friend this year! At least the second attempt at the car show was a success. Hopefully the same holds true for your trip to Charleston.

I don't blame you for paying someone to finish up the body work. After sanding on body filler for what seems like ages I've concluded that it's not something that I prefer to do with my free time.

Glad to hear some of the hood measurements came in handy. Your post reminds me I still need to order a drop base air cleaner for mine...

Good luck getting the car hauled up to Charleston!

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Oct 24th, 2018 8:36 am
by rbryce1
Several weeks ago I did a leak test on the new windshield after it was re-installed, and found it still leaked on the drivers side, but not on the Passenger side. I did several smaller tests, where I used paper towels and plastic to isolate sections of the windshield to try and localize the leak. I was able to identify where the leaks were and inject some more sealant. It worked, except for one very small leak. I was able to re-inject some sealer and it also went away. So, I again tried the large scale leak test and the driver's side again filled with water. GRRRRRRRRRRR. :mad:

I was able to get under the dash with lights and mirrors to try and see where the leak was coming from. To my surprise, the water was coming in from the broken up frame for the air vent door. :eek:

It seems, that the water from the wiper cavity is suppose to drain down the outside of the inner fender area and go to the ground, and it has been reported that sometimes some water makes it in through the vent door if is is left open. I read this on the Corvette Forum. :crazy:

In my case, a previously undisclosed damaged area (the previous owner swore the car had never been damaged, but could not explain why I later found 2 new rear Eckler's fenders, a new taillight panel and a whole new one piece Eckler's front clip installed on the car, in addition to the driver's side vent door enclosure being destroyed and sand paper found in the vicinity between the inner panel and the fender), was allowing water from the wiper area to flow right into the interior of the car and puddle on the driver's side floor.

I was hoping that all the fiberglass work on the car was now complete, but it looks like I will be grinding out that area and glassing over the 6" x 8" hole where the vent door was. I don't need the vent opening anyway, as the vent door cannot be re-installed due to the extensive damage to the vent door frame and since I air conditioned the car, I don't really need 2 fresh air intakes anyway.

So, since the temps have finally dropped to the low 80' and upper 70's, I will be grinding out the area and glassing over the cavity this weekend.

Hopefully, this will provide a totally leak free windshield. Funny thing though, on the Corvette Forum, most everyone said that almost 99% of all C2's leaked. One humeroulsy said the C1 & C2 Corvettes leaked so bad, that was why they were named after a type of ship (Corvettes)! :rolleyes: LOL

Just glad I found it before installing the carpet padding and carpets. Also glad I will have the chance to fix this before going to Charleston for paint. :cheers:

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Oct 27th, 2018 2:56 pm
by rbryce1
Well,, put on the zuit-suit this morning and ground away all the areas needed to close in the ventilation door opening.

Turned out to be pretty easy once I got all the wires out of the way.

Ground all the broken glass away and cleaned up the filler piece I had made. The long screw is a handle for me to use when placing it in position, and will be removed after the part cures in place.

20181027_134407-640x480.jpg (77.22 KiB) Viewed 384 times

Next I wiped everything down with acetone, mixed up a batch of Super Bond, and laid the super bond on the filler piece and inside the car.

20181027_134435-640x480.jpg (75.49 KiB) Viewed 384 times

After waiting about half an hour for the super bond to start to work, I put the filler piece in place. The thing that looks like a wire going into the top of the joint is really a paper tag in front of the piece! :rolleyes:

20181027_135505-640x480.jpg (67.47 KiB) Viewed 384 times

Once it is cured, I can grind it down flat and lay a layer of fiberglass mat over the whole thing. Tomorrow. :Hurray:

Hopefully this will fix the water leak.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Oct 28th, 2018 3:02 pm
by rbryce1
Starting to get really pissed about this windshield. I fixed the leak from around the vent door housing, but I still have a leak from under the left side of the dash from somewhere. It is a drip size leak, but if I don't find and stop it, something tells me it won't get better with age. Might wait until after Charleston. I will remove the instrument panel and get a better look at exactly where it is coming from. I can see where the drip is falling from, but that doesn't mean that is where the water is getting in from. My luck, it is coming in from a point 3' away from where the drop forms and falls.

To much to do to get ready for the trip to spend all my time on this. Today I remove the new wheels and put the junkers back on. Then I fire it up to make sure the battery is charged. After that, empty the car and start collecting all the parts I will need up in Charleston like bumpers, tail lights, side lights, grills, weatherstrip, door window parts, etc. Will be a real PITA if I get there and don't have a $3.00 part we need to finish something. Tomorrow I am taking my many storage boxes of stainless steel screws, nuts, bolts and washers to Tri-City Bolt and Screw to restock so I can take them with me as well. Trying to load all that into the back of the truck before loading the car trailer.

Next weekend I bring the trailer home, unload the '68, load the '65 and move the '68 into my garage. We leave on Sunday, Nov 11th for Charleston.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Nov 4th, 2018 9:49 am
by MaineVette
rbryce1 wrote:
Oct 24th, 2018 8:36 am

I was hoping that all the fiberglass work on the car was now complete, but it looks like I will be grinding out that area and glassing over the 6" x 8" hole where the vent door was. I don't need the vent opening anyway, as the vent door cannot be re-installed due to the extensive damage to the vent door frame and since I air conditioned the car, I don't really need 2 fresh air intakes anyway.
Ugh, I feel your pain. That sucks. I don't know what I'd do if I realized at this point that I had to go back and start doing more fiberglass repair work. Like you, I've had enough!

At least you'll know it's right when it's all finished!

Good luck with your trip to Charleston, it's a huge milestone. I bet you'll leave feeling pretty accomplished!

I'll look into the forum photo issue you mentioned and report back. I suspect the upload feature got goofed up when I had to recover my forum after this summer's hacking issue.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Nov 5th, 2018 10:40 am
by rbryce1
I just got off the phone with Jamison's in Charleston. Kerry said that the SEMA convention last week in Las Vegas was really great, even overwhelming.

They curently have a bit of work in house and a little scheduled, but November - December is generally a very slack period for them. We decided that I am bringing the car to them on schedule, which is a week from today, we will spend a few days going over the car, deciding on all the work that needs done, I will just leave the car and trailer up there with them and come back home. They will be able to take their time working on it to get everything just right. I can probably be able to go back up and get it sometime in January.

Actually, that is probably the best of all the scenarios available. It gets there on schedule, I don't need to waste $900 on hotel rooms, they are not rushed to finish and I can get back here, go back to work and probably add bucks to the checking account before I need to go back up and get the car.

When it gets back, the only thing left to do will be to put the new wheels back on and install the interior and it's done.

The end is coming into sight! One Excited and Happy Camper here! :cheers: :Hurray: :hammer:

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Nov 9th, 2018 11:04 am
by rbryce1
Tonight I load up the '65 for it's trip to Charleston. Getting it there will be a major milestone, and hopefully it will be practically finished soon. Don't know if they will be able to finish it before I need to leave or if I will have to leave it and make a second trip up to get it, either way, it's finally getting done! :Hurray:

Kind of a new twist in things though, we have been debating on selling our '95 Corvette for a while now, and it looks like that may happen soon. A friend of ours in our Corvette Club is planning on selling their 2001 Corvette coupe and replacing it soon, and I told him we are interested. Totally gorgeous C5 coupe, show car quality, flawless magnetic red paint, LS engine, automatic overdrive transmission, A/C, black leather interior, new wheels and tires, delux everything, garage kept with only 24k miles, for $15k. :drool:

He said he would like to keep it for a few months until he get his new car, which will give me the time to sell the '95 before buying his. Buying the '01 before selling the '95 is not a problem, but space is a problem. Not much room for 1 truck, 2 Hondas and now 4 Corvettes. If I buy it before selling the '95, it will mean I will have a C2, a C3, a C4 and a C5, all at the same time!! :scrazy: .. :crazy:

I probably need my head examined! :agree:

I will post photos as soon as Tim finds out why the forum will not take photos any more.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Nov 10th, 2018 10:41 pm
by rbryce1
Well, the truck is loaded, the '68 is out of the car trailer, the '65 is in the car trailer, all the parts are loaded, truck is gassed up and I am finally ready to hit the road tomorrow morning.

Kind of a funny thing while trying to unload the '68. I backed up the trailer under my Dad's carport, unstrapped the car, connect the electric winch to power it down the ramp and I realized the wrong winch was installed. I have two, both power up, but only one powers down as well as up.

Soooooooooo, then came the task of finding the winch that powers down, as I did not want the car going down the trailer ramp uncontrolled. After looking for a half an hour, I found the other winch. :Hurray: The only problem was the power cord was not with it, but I thought I knew where it was ... back at our other house. :mad:

Went back to the other house and looked everywhere, but cannot find the cord. I'm sure I will find it right after I don't need it any more, but for now, no chord. :bang:

Soooooooooooooo, I put my 1 ton chain fall in the truck and headed back over to my Dad's place to unload the '68. Plan was to connect the chain fall instead of the electric winch and use it to lower the car down the ramp and into the carport. Confident that we were now equipped to unload the car, a shocking thought came over me, which proved what a dumbshit I really was.

The problem I spent all morning trying to overcome was how to unload the car in a controlled manner down the ramp, as there was only the wife and myself. I was afraid it could get away from us going down the ramp and hit something. I felt really stupid when I realized the car was already equipped with something called BRAKES! :rolleyes: .. :crazy:

So I got in the car, we pushed it to start it down the ramp and the brakes worked fine. Only two hours lost! But after getting the '68 out, things went like clockwork after that.

Tomorrow morning I pull out for Charleston. Should be about an 8 hour trip with the truck and trailer (6 hours by car). Pleasantly, gas here is $2.33/gal and they tell me gas in Charleston is $2.30/gal right now. If I had taken it back in July, gas was $2.85/gal. Nice savings when your truck and trailer get about 8 mpg! Sure be glad when it is there and the final work can finally start.

So tomorrow @ 8:00, I'm off to see the Wizard! :cheers:

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Nov 12th, 2018 6:17 pm
by rbryce1
Well, here is the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good ... I made it to Charleston without difficulty, except for a heated argument I had with my GPS. I wanted to go one way and it wanted me to go a different way. After a while, I won the argument, but it paid me back. I went to Charleston the way I wanted, but once we got to Charleston, it was dark and I was not familiar with the streets, and it sent me down every backroad, village and housing development in Charleston, but I diligently followed it's directions and found the motel without driving into any lakes or rivers.

This morning, I took the car to Jamisons and they went over all the work that I did and did not find any major problems with my work, with the exception that there was much more to do and areas I thought were finished that had several problems.

The Bad ... They did find a lot of issues that existed before I worked on the car and raised many concerns as to what is under the primed areas that I had not worked on. They are an extremely high quality restoration and repair shop, with a magnificent reputation going back over 45 years of Corvette work, and did not feel comfortable painting the car as it was.

The Ugly ... While they did realize it would be extremely cost prohibitive to do all the work they needed to make them feel comfortable, they did propose a workable plan.

Today, they stripped all the parts off the car like door knobs, front grill, lights, etc. Tomorrow we will be making all the repairs to the hood that they found, things I looked at for months and did not see, but they found in a matter of minutes. Amazing what 45 years of experience can do for you!

After that we will prep sand and wipe the entire car, mask off and then paint the entire car with 2-3 coats of epoxy primer sealer. They would like me to allow the car to bake in the Florida sun and heat for at least 6 months to see if any oils or contaminants come to the surface.

The problem is, if there are any oils or contaminants under any of the work either the former owner did, that I did or they did, it can cause the paint to lift or blister after about a year when these contaminants eventually rise to the surface. If we don't find any, great and paint. If we do, we may actually have to cut out those portions of fiberglass and replace them, as you can never get oils out of fiberglass.

It means delaying the paint job again, but I would rather be safe than sorry. They know what they are talking about, and the simple fact that they don't want to just paint the car and take my money knowing the risk is admirable.

Actually, there was a lot of work I wanted to do but I did not want to spray any primers which would prevent them from seeing what was under the primer. Turns out I am glad I did not prime.

So, it looks like I will be headed back to Florida on Thursday with a black primed and sealed Corvette, ready for me to do more work on.

Oh Happy Days!

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Nov 13th, 2018 9:10 pm
by rbryce1
Another day in Charleston. Got a LOT done on the car today. Got the car into a sanding booth and we went over the entire car with 120 grit sandpaper. It looked far better to me after the whole car was sanded, but both John and Kerry (John's son and shop manager) identified a number of places that needed attention. I could not see them, but when they told me where to feel, I could barely feel them. But after feeling again, BANG, they were there.

John asked if I wanted them to fix them and Kerry cautioned that if there was bad fiberglass or contaminants underneath, I would not only be paying for them to do the work now, but the work they did would maybe need to be ground out and re-done if any underlying issues needed to be dealt with.

I decided to have them do the repairs, as 1) I have a much better level of confidence that there are no underlying issues than Kerry as I know what was there before I did the work, and he did not have the chance to see it and 2) since I did the work originally and could not even see the problem until it was pointed it out twice, I did not have the confidence to do it over again myself and not make the same errors.

So we fixed all the areas of concern, the car is all masked off and is in the spray booth. Tomorrow morning they will be spraying the black epoxy primer-sealer and letting it cure. We also fixed several hidden defects in the hood, again, defects that Kerry spotted right off, and I still could not see until he wiped down the hood with laquer thinner and BANG, the gelcoat cracks stood out like a sore thumb.

The next issue is the weather. It has been raining here constantly and will rain all night. I am scheduled to leave here Thursday AM, but if the weather is still rain, I may decide to spend another day and wait it out. I don't really feel like towing $40k worth of car in a trailer behind my truck 450 miles in the rain. Hotel room is only $60. If this rain band clears out like it is suppose to do by Thursday AM, I will hit the road.

More later.