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Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Aug 27th, 2018 7:48 am
by rbryce1
Yeah! Our 25th Annual Corvettes at the Pier show is finally over. It was a great show, lots of Corvettes, lots of vendors, really nice trophies, and, best of all, no rain until the show was over and everyone had left (including us). Then it poured!

We had a club member act as the official photographer this year, as I never seem to have the time to go around and really look at the cars like I want to, so I should have a lot of nice photos to share once she sends them.

Finally I can get back to work on the '65 and get it ready to take to Charleston for paint.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Sep 4th, 2018 1:00 pm
by rbryce1
Moving along on both cars now. I now have, in addition to the new aluminum heads, a pair of brand new valve covers, a polished aluminum timing chain cover and a polished aluminum oil pan is on it's way. Most of all the other parts are on hand to build the long block, except for the intake manifold.

I could use some help here from anyone who has a big block C3 (68-72) hood. I need the stock clearances on the underside of the hood at a number of locations.
L-88 Hood Height.JPG
L-88 Hood Height.JPG (67.7 KiB) Viewed 894 times

If I can get these measurements from an L-88 and/or stock big block hood, I can compare these numbers with mine and determine how much of a rise I actually have, since my stock hood support is still in my car.

Decided not to fuel inject this one. Far too much work for a show car. I'm NOT pulling the gas tank to install a new one with the fuel pump inside the tank, not spending a grand on the throttle body injection system, definitely NOT spending 3 grand on a sequential injection system, not getting further limited by intake manifolds and not dealing with air cleaners that will not fit because of the throttle body height and style. For the type of use and rpm range this car will see, a really great Holley looks very attractive with a polished low rise dual plane intake manifold.

On the '65, still sanding, but most all of the hood is done now. I had to repair a lot of very small molding cracks along the outer edge, probably from pulling the hood from the mold. What ever, they are now gone and fixed. I'm going to keep sanding until it is time to take it to Charleston, they let them inspect, prime, finish sanding, paint and buff. Then I hope to be able to start building the 454 right after the 1st of October.

P.S., I don't know how the "adds" were inserted into my text, and I can't remove them. They do not apply, I do not endorse them and I did not use them. Most look like the were inserted by Amazon. Just say'en.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Sep 12th, 2018 10:01 am
by rbryce1
Getting ready for my trip to Charleston, assuming they weather the hurricane well. Looked into the status of my pick-up truck and trailer. The last transmission inspection revealed a pair of leaking (rusted through) transmission cooling lines between the transmission and the radiator. The lines are not available from dealers or aftermarket. Choice was to either pull the lines myself and have them reproduced at a local hose & hydraulic shop (several are available where I live) and then install them myself, buy and attempt to bend and re-install the steel tubes myself or have AAMCO do the whole job, as they have the lifetime warranty on the transmission.

My truck has the largest automatic transmission made for this year Ford F250 truck. I tried to find the two places where the transmission lines attached to the transmission, and could barely see them with a flashlight. No way in Hates of getting a wrench up there without severe interference removal. The lines were half the length of the truck and contained a dozen different bends. If I had started the job and could not complete it with my equipment, the truck would need towed to a shop to be repaired.

I opted to take it to AAMCO (since they held the lifetime warranty on the transmission and any of the work that went wrong would be their problem and could not void the warranty in any way. They actually needed to drop the transmission a ways to get to the fittings. They removed the lines, built new ones and installed them for $400.00. It would have cost me $150 to have EACH of the 2 lines made ($300 total). While they were into the work, they noticed the transmission oil pan gasket was leaking a little, so they replaced it under the transmissions warranty. $400 plus tax out the door. Really nice job and all warranties are still in place. All set for the trip, propulsion wise.

Comfort wise, the AC compressor is frozen (and I don't mean just really cold!). Probably don't need it for the trip. Looking into what it will take to replace this week. May do, may not do before the trip.

Only thing left is to check out the tires on the trailer. You must remember, the trailer is not used much, and while the tires have a lot of tread, the sidewalls have some cracking. I know these are just "trailer tires", but these "trailer tires" are not just carrying the weight of the enclosed car trailer itself, but also the weight of a complete Corvette inside. So they are actually under more stress that the tires on the Corvette or the truck.

Looking into them this weekend. Getting anxious to make the trip and get the car painted!!!

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Sep 13th, 2018 11:31 pm
by rbryce1
Well, the trip to Charleston is now delayed. I talked to John Jamison today and they have shut down all operations and boarded up the building for Hurricane preps (as they really should!!). John said they were already about a week behind and now they are closed until next week, assuming they have electrical power and have not had any damage. They are in North Charleston, which is fairly far inland, however still subject to flooding due to rain. If they don't have electrical power it's pretty hard to work on cars. I suggested we wait until the middle of October or even early November to allow things to get back to normal. That's probably the best time of the year to paint anyway, very low humidity and moderate temperatures.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Sep 15th, 2018 10:13 pm
by rbryce1
More preps for my trip to Charleston. I removed all 4 tires and the spare from the car trailer. The tires had more sidewall cracks than you could count. I had the old tires removed and sent the wheels out for sand blasting and powder coating. Once they are back, I can install the new Goodyear 8 ply radial tires I bought. They ran about a hundred bucks a piece, plus mounting and balancing. I could have bought $50.00 Chinese junk tires for less because they are only going on a trailer, but this trailer is hauling 80K worth of Corvette. Decided not to take a short cut there. The internet is full of lousy ratings on the Chinese bombs (as they are called) and the vast number of them that came apart within 1000 miles.

Lets see, save $200, loose 80K plus the trailer. That's easy!

Once they are back o the trailer, just need to charge the on-board battery for the emergency brakes and the trailer is ready to go.

Tomorrow I remove the rear glass window so I can replace the molding clips.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Sep 16th, 2018 11:06 am
by rbryce1
Started removing the rear window from the '65 coupe last night. I bought the special tool to cut through the sealant and the window is suppose to come right out. Trouble is, the sealant, even after 50 years, is still very much like the day it was installed!! The sealant that was exposed to air under the moulding had a hard crust on the outer surface, but everything underneath that is still soft, pliable and very gooie. SO this may be an all day job. It is coming out, but messy.

Once it is out and I can remove the rear window, I can clean up everything and replace the moulding clips.

Oh yea, I have to buy them first! Looks like an order from Corvette Central or a trip up to Davie's Corvette soon.

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Sep 16th, 2018 10:27 pm
by rbryce1
Yea, It's out, and in 1 piece !!!!

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Sep 22nd, 2018 5:34 pm
by vito
Hi Bob,

I just got home. I'll get the dimensions for you today/tomorrow and let you know.



Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Sep 23rd, 2018 11:18 pm
by vito
Here are the numbers in mm.

From front of hood to rear of hood.

45 - 65 - 45
70 - 82 - 70
60 - 70 - 60

Re: '65 Coupe Resto-Mod and '68 Full Custom Restoration

Posted: Oct 17th, 2018 10:10 pm
by rbryce1
Well, the trip to Charleston is just over 3 weeks away now. Sure hope nothing fouls this one up. They say the third time is a charm, and I am counting on it. Got my new tires mounted on my newly powder coated wheels and back on the trailer, so once I charge the brake battery, it should be ready to go. Plan to shoot a charge of wheel bearing grease into the caps before leaving also.

I am not allowed to keep my trailer at home, so just before the trip's weekend, I bring the trailer home, unload the '68, put the '68 in my garage and load the '65 for the trip. Once the '68 is in the garage, I can take the hood measurements to see how my clearances are. Based on the numbers both Vito and Tim provided and the rough measurements I made on the outside of the hood, I think I am good, but the final call will be once I can get the hood up and take the measurements on the inside.

Better work, I already bought the intake manifold! I wound up with the Weiand Street Warrior, as it was the lowest dual plane manifold I could find in aluminium anywhere.