1969 Tri-Power

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Re: 1969 Tri-Power

Post by Love_69 » Aug 22nd, 2015 2:40 am

Hi rbryce,

That is correct - I have no idea where the fuel is leaking from. There are no cracks in the float bowl or body of the carbs. A while back, I did take the carbs off the manifold and connected the them (individually) to a low-pressure electric fuel pump on the work bench - surprise...no leaks....and I did pump fuel for these tests too. Put them back on the car with enthusiasm and a hint of expectant glory at having "solved" the problem, albeit on the test-bench, cranked the engine, and presto! Disaster! Damn that Murphy (apologies to all Murphy's on this forum!). I figure I have done everything possible to try and resolve this problem, except locate the problem itself which remains a mystery.

Anyway, that's all history...I did some more work on the carbs today (with a hint of groundhog day), as well as service our motorcycles, so, I will test the carbs on the manifold (again)...tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!! :D