Lamp Monitor Cable Routing by Fuse Panel

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Lamp Monitor Cable Routing by Fuse Panel

Post by BillBertelli » Sep 3rd, 2020 9:15 am

Hi, I am installing the interior electrical harnessing and have a question of the Lamp monitor cable (Fiber Optic) routing. There is a grommet hole just above and to the right of the top of the headlamp dimmer pedal. This is for the lamp monitor fiber optic cable, and I know it eventually runs up under the dash pad with the j-hooks under there, however, how does the cable get routed from the firewall to under the dash pad?

Does it take a sharp turn under the fuse panel to the left or does it travel vertical to the right side of the fuse panel?

Any photos would help as well. Mine is a 1970 and I wish I had pictures of that area when I was removing the harnesses a few years ago ...

Bill B.