Fiberglass Adhesives

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Re: Fiberglass Adhesives

Post by MaineVette » Sep 4th, 2011 8:48 pm

In my opinion you were given poor advice. Personally, I would never leave the steel bare as it would almost certainly corrode over time and cause big issues (been there, fixed that). Besides, the birdcages were all primed at the factory before the body was bonded in place. If they did it at the factory, why not do it as part of your resto? The trick is to use good paint - not stuff from a rattle can. A high quality epoxy primer will stick like glue to the bare metal, prevent corrosion and provide a good surface for the bonding compound/adhesive to stick to.

In my case I used PPG's DP90LF which is pretty pricey. In hindsight there are probably cheaper options out there that are just as good, but this product came highly recommended. For what it's worth I WOULD NOT paint any surfaces to receive bonding compound/adhesive with POR15. It's a very high gloss surface that probably would not promote a good bond. Also, it's very tough to sand or otherwise 'roughen' the surface of the paint. The bonding compound might stick to it, but I've never tried and don't plan to.

Hope this helps! :cheers:
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