69 Rear Clip Replacement

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Tell us about your Corvette: I own a '69 coupe that I am frame-off restoring.
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69 Rear Clip Replacement

Post by brt0100 » Mar 5th, 2014 12:08 am

I am in the middle of a frame off restoration of my 69 big block coupe. The rolling frame is complete and I just removed the front clip and firewall. Currently I am repairing the firewall and window frame.

I have previous damage to both rear quarters and the back of the deck where it turns up, and someone made a lot of questionable repairs with fiberglass cloth. I would appreciate your advice on a couple of topics.

Do you recommend that I remove the rear deck and quarter panels as one piece, or would it be easier to remove the quarter panels and the rear deck separately?

Should I replace the rear clip with individual components (i.e. quarter panels, deck, etc.) , or a new one-piece rear clip? ACI makes a nice one piece rear clip that includes everything except the exhaust panel, but I worry about how difficult it will be to fit up the one piece clip.

Thanks for all of your hard work and posts. I never would have tackled this project without the info I found here!