1966 Dashpad restoration creates questions

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1966 L79 COnvertible 4spd

1966 Dashpad restoration creates questions

Post by Mikej2244 » Mar 3rd, 2019 10:58 pm

I have taken the dash out of my 66 L79 4spd convertible to replace the passenger pad. I know the car was resprayed red in 1993, but have not contacted the owners back farther than that. The trim tag on the car looks original, and is a 402AA (BLK Leather) and 974AA (Rally Red) Paint car. The car has many original parts like the date coded alternator, matching numbers block, date coded holly 4 bbl, and seems to be authentic in many ways...until....

When I pulled the pad the metal dash frame is blue underneath, and it looks to have no color beneath that blue. Also I can tell that the pads themselves are blue, and painted/dyed black. One more point, the metal dash is still held in by what looks to be the original metal rivets, indicating to me it has not been removed.

So the trim tag (Rally red & Black Leather) doesn't match the blue I am seeing here. Is it more likely the tag is non original and the car was a blue car with blue interior? Or that the car was repainted blue (including the dash frame being taken to bare metal and painted, and installed with a blue interior before te 1993 repaint?
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