A piece of history

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A piece of history

Post by IndyVette » Jul 17th, 2011 10:01 am

Having formerly worked with NASA while in the Air Force, I would travel to Canaveral from time to time, and I fell in love with the area. Years later, now married with children, we go there annually to enjoy the warm waters and seafood (not a great seafood selection here in Indiana :)).

We often visit Kennedy Space Center (KSC), and the Saturn V rocket is not to be missed. So true to form we took the bus ride to the Saturn V center. But I was in for a surprise!

The rocket itself never fails to move me. Just a science junky I guess, but it's an impressive feat of engineering from a time when analog computers ruled the world (the average $5.95 calculator today is more powerful than the computers they took to the moon, in fact). Aside from an atomic blast, the rocket's first stage ignition and ascent is the loudest man-made noise ever produced. Must've been impressive to see in person. :) (We saw a Delta IV launch while there, which was also impressive...new GPS bird going up for all you Garmin fans.)

But right in front of the first stage sat a Corvette. Wow! It hadn't been there the last time we went to KSC, and I quickly discovered that this car belonged to Alan Shepard. I didn't jump over the ropes to see exactly what engine option it had, so I'll imagine it was a L71. Surely Alan would have ordered the L71. :)

Clearly it's a survivor, but well maintained on the outside (the inside looked great as well). I was particularly impressed with the clean lines of the '68. I hadn't considered buying a '68, but this car may change my mind if I find a good restoration candidate someday (wife would kill me, but it might be worth it). Something about a BB combined with a vert that really popped.

Anyway, to the pics: