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B & S Generator

Post by vito » Sep 3rd, 2016 10:19 pm

About a year ago I bought a stand-by generator. Since day one it would not run, and I didn't have the time to check into it. So now that I have time I started to work on it.

got fresh fuel,
fuel strainer clean,

Air filter. WTF

The wire mesh is always on the AIR in side on an HVAC system. That mesh rusts and breaks apart, don't want that chit going into the carb.


The air filter even tells you which way you install it.


This is the installed look. Talk about a factory defect. WTF is going on. Engineers doing drugs.


This filter is what we call a bag filter, like your vacuum cleaner bag but a whole bunch together. Turn it around and it collapses and you reduce your air flow.

So go to start it and still nothing. More that one problem. Oil level sensor is a grounded switch so I disconnect it. Still a no go.

Disconnect the fuel solenoid, BINGO. dame thing ran, and ran and ran.

14 hours of playing with this thing and got it running. Now I need to find a replacement air filter.