71 Convertible Project.

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Re: 71 Convertible Project.

Post by MaineVette » Oct 2nd, 2012 12:40 pm

Great pics, thanks for posting them. :thumbs:

Did you find the tank sticker when you pulled the gas tank by chance? That's a pretty neat find. I didn't find a tank sheet, but found a build sheet tucked up in my dash. It's a cool piece of history.

How do you find completing the work with the body on? I imagine some spots are a really tough squeeze.

Based on the laundry list of parts you've purchased it sounds like you're well on your way to taking out a second mortgage on your house. :ROFL: I know the feeling. :leaving:
Someday I'll finally be able to drive my Vette, but for now I'll just admire all the pieces... :willy:

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