Hello everyone. Newbee here

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Tell us about your Corvette: 1964 Convertible. Unknown options or engine. Now has 1968 327. Added a 5 spd. Tremec which is fantastic. The car has been badly hacked over it's lifetime and I am now trying to turn it into a nice driver.
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Hello everyone. Newbee here

Post by beekppr » Apr 1st, 2012 11:26 am

Hi to everyone. I found the restoration website by accident while doing research for my project and it led me to this forum. I was so impressed by the detail and worksmanship of the 71 restoration that I knew I had to join this forum.

I've joined a few other general corvette forums seeking advice but it's hard to find folks who are going through the same problems I am with the car.

I have a 64 convertible which is a real mess. I picked the car up from the husband of a co-worker. It had been in storage for 30 years so I figured it couldn't be that bad. I knew it needed paint, interior, and mechanical restoration so I didn't examine it too hard. I figured I have owned many muscle cars and turned lots of wrenches so how bad can it be? Boy was I in for a surprise!

I rebuilt the engine, upgraded the 4 spd to a Tremec 5 spd, redid all brakes, suspension, etc. just to make it drive nice. I found I could not get the rear wheel alignment correct which made me suspicious. Once in the air, I could see the frame rails looked funny. I pulled the body off to have the frame corrected. What I found was someone cut the rear half of the frame and the body off and grafted on a new rear frame and rear body. Whoever did the work was the ultimate hack! The frame is welded on all crooked and they shimmed the body in the back 3 inches to get the gaps rights. The welds looked like they were done by a child and they used lots of JB weld to fill in the gaps.

Anyways, the frame is being corrected by a professional and while that is being done, I want to get the body as right as I can.

The rear of the car has some other lousy repair work so I started removing panels and I am determined to fix it correctly. Picked up the Glas Ra book and it has been very helpful but it still is not as thorough as the stuff I saw on the restoration website.

Wish me luck as I plug along with it! I'll put up a different detailed post and upload photos so hopefully, folks can chime in with thoughts and advice. My biggest concern is making sure I use all the correct adhesives, fillers, and primers and that all components are compatible.

Looking forward to chatting with all of you - Mike