'71 Coupe - Will I Ever Attempt the Restoration?

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Tell us about your Corvette: 1971 Coupe that's been in the family since new. Was "stored" in a shed in New England for22 years. Even though I have limited knowledge and experience, I'm doing a body off restoration. Standby for many questions!
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'71 Coupe - Will I Ever Attempt the Restoration?

Post by nwav8tor » Nov 17th, 2009 11:42 pm


I just found your site over the weekend and have already reviewed all your progress updates (except the engine rebuild). The details and "speed-bumps" of your project were quite eye-opening :eek: to say the least. Nevertheless, that got me thinking about getting started on a long overdue restoration of my C3. It's an all-original '71 coupe (350ci/270hp/4spd) that's been in our family since new. I put it in a New Hampshire shed 20 years ago when I was transferred to Hawaii and it hasn't seen the light of day since! The big problems are that I no longer live anywhere near the east coast and I have absolutely ZERO experience with the restoration tasks that will confront me :crazy: I think I might be able to fumble through most of a restoration, but I think I'd have to leave the engine rebuild and final paint to the experts.

If I do decide to transport it across the country and get the project started, I will certainly be reviewing your project updates to gleen all the information and insight that I can. I also hope I'll be able to use this forum to ask advice from you and the other members when I face difficulties.

Once again, kudos on your site! Keep up the good work and good luck on the car.