New, considering a 70 convertable 454

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New, considering a 70 convertable 454

Post by jimisbell » May 24th, 2010 4:59 pm

I am new here and I am in the process of possibly acquiring a 1970 , 454, roadster.

I am new to Corvettes, but not new to classic car collecting. I have been collecting for 40 years, mostly Bentley and Jaguar.

The car I am considering has some issues and I am wondering what the ramifications of these are.

1) engine block number is not "matching" the rest are. Would finding a correct block for a 454 be difficult?

2) There is no hard top. Are they difficult to find?

3) Interior is incorrect color. How important is having the correct color interior?

Are any of these issues reasons to think twice about acquiring the car if all other things are in line and the price is right?

There will be more questions...if I aquire the car.........