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seek corvette C3 1972!!!!

Posted: Nov 13th, 2009 2:39 pm
by delgal

according to the councils of Tim, I should sell my corvette 76 and find a corvette of 72 to restore!!!!

but the concern is: where to seek!!!!??? I am of Belgium and in Europe it of with step to be sold much there here!!!!!!!

thus I must try to import one of the USA of them….

the problem that I arise to look at because I know only e-bay!!!! you would have others addresses or of site….

and how much money must I put + of 5000$ or - of 5000$ because here what I would wish to do like project:


I know that is not used for nothing to put much money in a model which I wish to restore but sincerely I do not know how much money must I put!!!!!!

moreover my project will be over one period of maximum 5 years because I know that costs much money to make return from the US parts towards Belgium approximately the double!!!

in advance I thank you for your council


Re: seek corvette C3 1972!!!!

Posted: Nov 13th, 2009 11:10 pm
by MaineVette
Hmmm... Being from Belguim you'll probably have a tough time finding something locally so you're almost forced to take the on-line route. e-Bay will certainly give you an idea of how much a car should cost you. Shipping your purchase will probably cost you a small fortune though. Unfotunately I am not familiar at all with purchasing and shipping cars overseas so I can't offer much help with that question. Perhaps others here can provide other ideas or advice.

The cost of your project will vary signifiantly based on the condition of the original car and the level of detail you want to put into a restoration. Typically you can buy a fully restored car (or one in good condition) for cheaper than you can restore it yourself. To fully restore a car from start to finish can easily run you $20,000-$30,000 (US Dollars) or more by the time you've restored the chassis, rebuilt the motor, repaired and repainted the body, fix the interior,and bought all the replacement parts you'll need along the way.

Good luck with whatever you decide! :thumbs:

Re: seek corvette C3 1972!!!!

Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 10:44 am
by Mr Sixpack
Hallo delgal.
Have you tried to find some car in Sweden, we have many Corvettes here in the Country, from totaly objects to very nice cars.
Good Luck hunting a CorvetteProject.

Many Corvetteregards